I Think I am lost.

I think I am lost. I don’t know how to get out. I stand and look around and am not completely sure which way I should go. I ask people and they each tell me something different, I don’t know who to listen to. I guess I can’t really go wrong, but I at the same time everything could go wrong. So what do I do?

I listen to the two people who agree. I listen to them and follow the path which they tell me to follow, and all it does is get me more lost. I am a little closer to somewhere I suppose, but not close enough. I walk and walk but am not going very far. I run for as long as I can, only to get a few feet. I am just going in circles now. I could have sworn that I was here yesterday and yet again I am lost. I wonder if anyone misses me, I wonder if anyone noticed I am gone, I wonder if people are happy that I am gone.

What does it matter what other people think, when I am the one that is lost?


Emily Smith.


I can’t wait for summer!!!!!

Lately, all I have been hearing is “Don’t do things at the last minute!” or “Why do you have to wait till the last minute to do everything, your so much better than that.”. I am so sick of it! I am tired of hearing people constantly ragging on me to get things done, or to do something! The more I hear you have to do something the more it bothers me. I don’t like having my mom breathing down my neck to do my homeowork. I know when it’s due and normally about how long it will take. I have been going to school for how long now? I think I can handle my own homework. On the other hand though my room is a mess, I can feel the skin underneath my eyes sagging for lack of sleep, and I don’t want to sleep! What I really want to do is write on my blog, pick of this explosion, and sleep for 3 days straight.

My head is so clustered right now, I haven’t been running, and that was my time where I took whatever that was bothering me and I ran it out. It did not matter if I was sad, happy, or mad (even though when I am mad I run harder). It was my time that helped me cope with my stress, and when I ran I felt happier and skinny. Which in turn made me feel better about myself. Running just made me better, so after this ohset meet, I plan to run at LEAST every other day. I need to use that time.Also, something else that is kinda stressing me out a ton is that I have no idea where my ipod is in this horrible mess of mine. I really hope it is in the car, or at the barn. Hopefully in the car because then I can just go and get it.

That is all I have to say for right now, thank you for the comments, please keep helping me with my writing! I love it all. So I hope everyone is stretching, laughing enough, and just having a wonderful day!


Emily Smith.

I want.

I want to draw, but have no more creativity in my hands

I want to paint, but have no more color in my eyes

I want to sing, but have no song in my throat

I want to love, but have no warmth in my chest

I want to cry, but have no more tears left for myself

I want to scream, but my mouth stays shut

I want to talk, but no one listens

I want to smile, so I do.



Emily Smith.

Just another Hallmark Holiday? (Tip of the Day!)

What really is Valentine’s Day? Why do we even have this date marked on our calendar? Why does it even Matter? Those are all good questions when you don’t know the history behind this holiday that most people take for granted. So let me tell you why you might want to take another look at Valentine’s Day.

One lefend that is most commonly said is that st. Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome. During the time that Valentine was a priest, Emperor Cladius II was the ruler. Emperor Cladius thought that single men would enlist, and be better soldiers. With this in mind he outlawed marriage for men who were suitable to be in the military. Valentine was completely opposed to the Emperor’s decision, so he began to illegally marry couples. When the Emperor Cladius II learned about Valentines actions, he sent him to jail, then to death. While in jail it is said that Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Before being executed, Valentine sent a letter to the woman he loved saying “From your Valentine” a common phrase used around february 14.

There is many other interpertations of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Such as in Ancient Rome, February is when spring starts, and is the time for purification. So the Romans would clean their houses, and sprinkled salt and a type of wheat called spelt around their house. In seventheenth century Great Britain,Valentine’s Day became a day where you would give friends and lovers a small gift or a written note. When the end of the century came, so did printed cards.

Now in the U.S. around One Billion cards are sent around Valentine’s Day. Although Valentines day is more thought of more as a “Hallmark Holiday”. When really we should start to think of it as for what it really is. A day where you should show your appreciation for the people who you care about, whether a family member, friend, your significant other, or just being able to be by yourself. Whatever it is I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, or just a wonderful day in general.

With that said here is my Tip of the day, take 5 minutes today just to think of all the good things in your life, if you are having a hard time thinking of things, have you ever thought about the fact we have clean water, That you are still alive, and that we have free education? Don’t take things for granted because there is people all around the world who want what you have.

Thank you to all the people who have been reading. I really do love all the comments I have been getting, so if you have any thought on my blog please let me know negative or positive. Either is awesome! 🙂 Hope that everyone is drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and eating plenty of food.


Emily Smith.

Never ending list!!!

My parents are not together, and my dad is gone for half the year over seas. So when he comes home he wants to spend a lot of time together, which is great, but I have so much stuff to do at my other home that when I do come home, I have a crazy amount of things to do. I haven’t even started my math homework, and I am behind already in my reading. I think someone needs to give me a lesson or two in time management. I don’t know if I am the only one who wants everything to be perfect, all the time. Right now it is killing me. Once again I apologize for my absence. I have been trying to get things done, but some how I seem to get distracted.

I think I might be depressed, I have been told by a licenced therapist that I do have a slight case of depression before. I think that it is coming back again though, because today all I wanted to do was lay around and sleep. I am typically the person who is always wanting to do something too. It could be just one of those days, but it felt different because I felt nothing; my chest was empty. I am really trying to stay positive, but right now it’s just not cutting it. Tomorrow should be better. Any way I just wanted to update you on how I have been feeling resently.

Thank you to all the people who have been commenting, I am very gratefull for all you! So if you have anything you would like to tell me, positive or negative I would love to hear it!


Emily Smith.

Please forgive me :( and Tip of the Day!

I am so sorry everyone, I have been up till midnight, then awake at 5 just to get all my homework, and other things done. I have not had time to post something. I don’t want to post anything that is not completely spell checked, and put together. I would like to make all my post as best as they can be. So I would like to make this short little thing saying I’m sorry about that, and that this weekend I will be catching back up on my blog, sleep, and cleaning.

My quick tip of the day!!!

Don’t miss school unless you have to. I had to miss a day for OHSET and I am trying so flipping hard to not get behind! It’s killing me, so try your best to not miss school, even if you are tired or whatever. Just go because you don’t want to be like me, really stressed about doing everything when it’s just not possible. I will fix this post when I get a chance this weekend.

Thank you to all the people who have been looking at my blog, please if you have any comments please tell me. I don’t care if it is negative, any help is good help to me. I hope everyone is having a

(I really want to do ballet)

good day, drinking enough water, and getting plenty of sleep because I am sure not! I’m giving it my all though.


Emily Smith.

Addiction or Love?

You are the reason I wake up,

You make me feel alive,

When I’m with you I shake,

I love it, and never want to stop,

I can’t help but feel amazing,

Nothing can bring me down when I have you,

I can hear my heart beat when you are here,

I would die if I didn’t have you,

I would kill for you,

I would do anything for you,

So is it love or an addiction?


Emily Smith.



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